Stories from the Mug

I won't call it a blog if you won't.
Between sips of coffee I'll occasionally post how things are going in the office, with projects or life in general. They might not be CNN news-worthy but still may be of interest.

Busy Designer = Happy Designer

After a slow start to the year I've been working evenings and weekends... and actually enjoying it. Much happier being busy and designing.

Good Enough???

"It's good enough" - Why should anyone be happy with their design and marketing material just being "good enough"? You may save a few bucks having your daughter or secretary "design" your logo, website or brochure but are you doing more harm than good to your branding and business?

Responsive Websites

Been working on Responsive Website design the last few days. Lots of fun and can see how this type of design will take off. Maybe your site is next.

Getting Busy

Off to a slow start this year. Fortunately lining up numerous projects that I'm excited about starting soon.


The word for 2013 will be "Adapt". Looking forward to major changes this year.