Stories from the Mug

I won't call it a blog if you won't.
Between sips of coffee I'll occasionally post how things are going in the office; with projects or life in general. They might not be CNN news-worthy but still may be of interest.

Did I Miss Something?

Now that was a quick and busy month. Didn't miss golf yet with this weather.

Reading for Spring

Just got back from a week soaking up the sun and golfing in Orlando. Still too much snow here to think about golf. Fortunately a few fun projects lined up to keep my mind off the weather.

A Little Distracting

I'm making sure I get lots done in the mornings these days to free up 12 - 2:30 pm to watch Olympic hockey. Go Canada Go!!

Chill Out

Not a fan of the cold. Minus 30 to minus 45 wind chills. Crazy cold. I miss my shorts.

New Site

Spent a little time over Christmas reviewing the copy and have officially launched the new icontact responsive website.