Stories from the Mug

I won't call it a blog if you won't.
Between sips of coffee I'll occasionally post how things are going in the office; with projects or life in general. They might not be CNN news-worthy but still may be of interest.

November Sun

Looking out the office window all I see is sun and blue skies and realize with the temperature at 16 today this may have been my last chance to get on the course. Can't make it happen though.

Making a Change

After running the Graphic Design - Presentation OTSC competition for Skills Ontario for the past 15 years I've made the move and taken over the Graphic Design - Studio competition for 2017. Will work better as this aligns with the Skills Canada competition that I'm a member of the team that runs annually.


The beginning of September always feels like a reboot or a crossroads sometimes. Where do I go from here? What new skills can I try to master? What courses should I try?