Stories from the Mug

I won't call it a blog if you won't.
Between sips of coffee I'll occasionally post how things are going in the office; with projects or life in general. They might not be CNN news-worthy but still may be of interest.

Ready to Go

After 10 days in Saskatoon I'm back in the office and ready to go. Looking to load up on some new projects as we head into the summer. I'll be around - let me know if there's something I can do for you.

Skills Canada

Heading out tomorrow for Saskatoon as the Ontario rep in running the Graphic Design competition for Secondary and Post-secondary students.

Skills Ontario a wrap

Another great day of projects at the Skills Ontario Graphic Design-Presentation competition that I run. Time to take a breath after a busy of month of preparing for the competition as well as producing the events showguide and other materials.